On the basis of recent projects, discover room by room how the Bourgondisch Kruis transforms your house into an exclusive home with authentic materials and true craftsmanship. And with the art of creating atmosphere, the feeling to sense what your house needs and the passion to develop a congenial environment that gives you energy day after day.

entrance hall
The carefully selected, aged materials in the hall made it clear that the people living here enjoy life, receive family and friends with open arms and also love coming home to a warm and cozy retreat.

A tasteful kitchen adds extra flavour to everything on your plate. The Bourgondisch Kruis produces a unique design with sustainable materials, combining modern comfort, your personal preferences and practical ease of use.

living room
Old oak and original accessories turn your living room into a real living space where you relax between objects that you enjoy and cherish. The Bourgondisch Kruis integrates traditional elements in a living space where you enjoy life.

Experience the soothing sensation of a bathroom as a cocoon that feels like a second skin. The use of the perfect, pleasing materials that create enjoyment when you touch them, creates a place where all masks can fall. The Bourgondisch Kruis lets you bathe in permanent luxury.

wine cellar
For your closest friends, the wine cellar and the house bar are always open. The interior creates a welcoming atmosphere where you can really taste the good life.

pool house
The elegant pool house adds a refreshing accent to your home.