Bourgondisch Kruis

Who we are ...

The Bourgondisch Kruis is the perfect interior design expert that carefully selects authentic building materials and time and again incorporates them into unique interior designs. Your personal taste and lifestyle are shaped in the hands of our own creative design team. Whether you prefer timeless classical or sleek modern, the Bourgondisch Kruis gives your home a stylish touch with an exclusive added value.  

... and what we do

Valuable collection

By means of an extensive national and international network, the Bourgondisch Kruis regularly obtains antique and rustic building materials of exceptional quality. Each building element in our collection and all the authentic materials that we incorporate to suit your interior has the warmth of the past that is frequently imitated but is impossible to fake. Looking for something exclusive? The Bourgondisch Kruis will do the searching for you.

Personal design

Completely classical? Sleek modernistic with timeless accents? The Bourgondisch Kruis design office finds the perfect harmony between old and new elements for every dreamed for interior. Together with you, we create living spaces that reflect your individual personality and wishes. Our source of inspiration is how you want to organise your life and home.

Professional finishing

Every project is taken care of right down to the last detail. The mastery of our own installation service shows itself in the details. Years of experience and excellent knowledge of materials guarantee a professional finish.